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NoticeStainless steel pour over dual coffee dripper,Paperless reusable double layer mesh filter,BPA free paper free steel cone strainer,high tensile field fencing,BBQ grill mesh



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Coffee filter usage


304 stainless steel, food-grade stainless steel, the surface of the polished, smooth and uniform burr, acid and alkali, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, durable. External network using metal etching network technology, precision filter, no welding spots, no leakage, beautiful and practical; The network uses a very fine stainless steel gauze, plain weave, 320 mesh filter density, full filtration residue for moderate grinding.

Cone design drip-shaped design, the bottom tray with clover hollow design, with a round hole filter outlet, water flow rate and stability.

Suitable for hand-punch coffee filter, moderate grinding powder, can be used with coffee pot, easy to operate.

This product uses a very thin gauze, no filter paper, environmental health, easy to clean, after making coffee, when cleaning water can be used only.

As a coffee filter, full-time is making coffee, tea, etc. part-time, you can also make delicious coffee water filter, brewing incense tea, filter impurities in water, but also can be used to filter milk, fruit juice, etc.