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How to use coffee filter


The coffee filter, as the name suggests, is a device that filters coffee, whether it is made of paper or metal, can be used alone, attached to your coffee maker (machine), and they are called "coffee filters."

First of all, filter paper, the way to filter coffee, is probably the simplest, quickest, and cheapest way to brew coffee in the world. The use of this filter paper filter coffee is very simple, just put it on the top of the cup.

The first is convenient and quick. For those who live in busy cities and get a cup of coffee every morning, soaking coffee powder is more effective than washing a cup of three. Secondly, it is up to you to control the quality and quantity of ground coffee. Since it is difficult for us to obtain a full-bodied espresso in this way, it is always possible to put more coffee grounds! Thirdly, it is very good. Clean up, throw the filter paper, brush the cup and it's done. Fourth, the price is cheap. Many young people use this method to give themselves a cup.

In addition to paper, people also tried to use other materials to filter coffee - metal, cloth. In general, the “cloth” filter will have a larger gap than the filter paper, and the metal will be larger than the cloth. The filtered coffee will inevitably have some crumbs, but the grease will remain as it is. In recent years, many people recommend metal-plated filters that are said to retain more intense coffee aromas.