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How to use coffee filter paper


1. The next part of the filter paper folded along the suture and then placed in the hourglass.

2. In a spoon, grind coffee powder one person (one serving of about 10 ~ 12g) into the hourglass, and then tapping a few initial surface into a flat.

3. Using a teapot boiled water, into the mouth mouth kettle, gently by the center of boiling water (water temperature of about 95 degrees) into the slow spiral water began to infiltrate and spread throughout the coffee so far. Be sure to pour it in slowly.

4. To taste the ingredients to be drawn out, the expansion will be more steaming coffee powder (stay about twenty seconds or so)

5. The second boiled water, slowly pouring from the surface of the ground coffee. The amount of water injected must be consistent with the amount of coffee extract the amount of consumption, the amount of water to keep the filter paper.

6. Extract liquid to reach the number of people can stop, leaving the state of boiling water filter discarded.