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Metal mesh and filter paper which is better


The debate over filters and filters has been around for a long time. In our everyday life, should we use metal mesh or filter paper? Which filtering device makes better coffee? Today we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two filtering devices objectively and impartially.

Which is more expensive?

If you look at the price from a single point of view, the metal filter is much more expensive than the filter paper. However, the filter paper is disposable and needs to be purchased repeatedly. If you drink a lot of coffee, the cost of using the filter paper will continue to be superimposed. Therefore, in the long term, metal filters are more economical and practical.

What kind of impact on the environment more?

Each of us is very concerned about the impact of coffee on the natural environment. From this point of view alone, the metal mesh with absolute advantage sacrifice, after all, the filter paper is disposable, have to throw away each spent, more or less will have a negative impact on the environment.

Which is easier to clean?

From the point of view of the ease of cleaning, the absolute advantage of the filter paper is that, after use, you do not have to clean the excess filter paper and throw it away. If it's a metal mesh, you have to clean it every time it's used, otherwise the remaining coffee grounds and grease can have a direct effect on the quality of the coffee.

Which flavor is better?

This may be the most crucial, but also our most concern. Using metal filters and filter paper to make a very different taste of coffee, first of all, due to the metal filter can not filter coffee alcohol, coffee, grease content will be more, more full-bodied taste of coffee. If you like heavy taste coffee, it is best to choose metal mesh.

On the contrary, the filter paper will filter out more of the material in coffee, the taste of coffee is also more bright, more refreshing taste. The problem, however, is that if coffee is not brewed properly, you do not get wet and pre-heat the filter paper in advance, and your coffee may smell slightly "paper-smelling".

In general, if you like more mellow coffee and do not care if it is more or less filtered, choose metal mesh; but if you prefer a refreshing, bright coffee and care about the health effects of coffee , Then please choose filter paper.